Nine photobooks of birds and animals have been produced covering either regions of the world or for specific countries. Previews of these books can be viewed by clicking on the titles below. Since the books are quite large they may take a little time to load, please be patient.


Birds and Animals of South Africa


Birds and Animals of South America


Birds and Animals of Southern Asia


Birds and Animals of Uganda


Birds and Animals of Venezuela


Birds and Animals of Botswana and Zimbabwe



Nature in Ireland by Roger Marchant


Birds of Thailand by Roger Marchant


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World Wildlife by Roger Marchant


In addition to these photobooks four books have been published under the NatureFocus Publishing logo dealing with the plants of the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece - Flowers of the Mani' and 'Guide to Flowers of the Mani' contain pictures of selected species of plants from the area together with descriptive material about the region and general photographs of the area. Two more recent publications are 'Vascular Plants of the Mani, Peloponnese, Greece - A Checklist' and 'Wild Flowers of the Mani' which are systematic treatments of the plants of the area. These two works cover more than 930 taxa and are comprehensive, although not absolutely complete.

The books published under the NatureFocus imprimatur carry an ISBN number and are available for purchase through various routes. Further information on these publications can be obtained by clicking on the NatureFocus logo below.


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