How to Use the Website

The website is organised around visits to particular countries, accessed through the places pages, together with separate sections on captive animals and cultivated plants. Each section contains introductory material together with galleries of plant and animal pictures as appropriate. Clicking on a thumbnail image in the gallery displays a full screen image of the same picture. Clicking on the full size image returns to the gallery while clicking the NEXT button moves to the following full size image in the gallery. The images are best viewed with a screen set at 1024 x 768 pixels.

There is an index section containing lists of common and scientific names of plants and animals. Each name in the index is linked to the full size image directly by clicking. The website may be searched using the search box below.

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The Reference section contains a list of useful texts, while the Links section provides web addresses that may prove valuable. The Contact page gives a direct link to communicate with me if you wish.