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New: Just published 'Wild Flowers of the Mani' A comprehensive photographic identification guide for the flowers of the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece. This volume contains descriptions and photographs of more than 930 plants from the Mani Peninsula together with general descriptions of the area and climate, maps, a key to the major plant families, a glossary and diagrams to explain botanical terms plus a bibliography and list of web resources. To preview and purchase the book click NatureFocus Publishing on the menu bar.


World Wildlife. To preview and purchase this book click on the title.



I have been a professional biologist for all my working life.  I was initially trained as a botanist but later taught and researched in environmental and industrial microbiology in a number of universities.  I have travelled to many locations around the world as part of this work and for pleasure, but have now returned to photography as a hobby to record particularly plant and animal images in the places I visit.  The pictures on this site are a record of the types of images that can be obtained by the non-professional photographer who has a limited amount of time at each location and cannot wait indefinitely for the ideal light conditions or behaviour from the orchid floweranimals. I hope that my images may give you pleasure, that you find them a useful reference of what you can expect to see at particular locations or that they may help you to select a place to visit. Since I am a biologist I have tried to provide accurate naming of plants and animals wherever possible, if you spot any errors please let me know so that the necessary corrections can be made.


Dactylorhiza fuchsii growing in Binevenagh Forest, Northern Ireland

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