NatureFocus Publishing

NatureFocus Publishing is a new venture launched in the autumn of 2012 to provide wider publicity and exposure for the photobooks created by the author. Using a formal publishing route provides each volume with a unique ISBN number and ensures its listing in Books in Print. At the present time four volumes have been published through this route.


Wild Flowers of the Mani (ISBN 978-0-95740003-7-5)

This volume was published in October 2016 as a comprehensive identification guide to the plants of the Mani Peninsula. It covers more than 930 different plants, each with a short description and every plant is illustrated with a least one photograph. There is no definitive list available of all the plants to be found in the area, although a reasonable estimate is perhaps 1100, however this book contains the vast majority of those likely to be seen on a visit to the Mani.

The book is 165 x 235 mm, hardcover and printed on gloss paper. It can be purchased by mail order from Amazon UK, or or from retail outlets in Kardamili and Aghios Nikolaos.


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Vascular Plants of the Mani, Peloponnese, Greece - A Checklist (ISBN 978-1-36-447059-3)

This is a checklist of the plants found in the Mani. In addition to the list the book contains a few illustrations of interesting plants and a map of the area. Published February 2016 - 127 x 200 mm, softcover. The checklist is available by mailorder from Amazon



Flowers of the Mani (ISBN 978-0-9574003-0-6)

Is a record of many of the common and prominent wild flowers found in the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece. The volume has 240 pages and contains photographs of more than 180 species of flowering plants. It also includes photographs of the landscape and local environment of the Mani to provide a feel for the whole area. The location of these photographs is given through GPS data which would allow anyone interested to find each place with ease. Photographs of some of the local insects are also included to enhance the feel for the whole ecosytem.


Guide to Flowers of the Mani (ISBN 978-0-9574003-1-3)

The volume has 440 pages and contains photographs of more than 290 different species of flowering plants from the Mani, but additionally contains a botanical key to selected plant families, diagrams of flower and inflorescence structures and brief descriptions of the key characters of each family represented in the volume. There is also a complete index of the plant names and a bibliography of useful reference works. Once again photographs of the local environment and insects are included in the volume. The book is A4 size in a landscape format with one page devoted to each plant species, often with multiple photographs showing habit, flower and fruit structure, thus making detail easier to determine for identification. The larger size may, however, preclude use of the volume as a field guide.


These two volumes may be purchased by contacting the author using the following email: